Kranked – REVOLVE teaser

Coming June 2009

A high definition tribute to the coolest human-powered adrenaline tool ever invented and a look at the riders who push these bikes to their limits.

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Twitter on Late Night

Did you catch Jimmy Fallon tonight? (wed. mar. 11 09) The new late night host seems to be appealing to a much younger demographic than Conan. He has a hipper house band, he Roots, and sports a Mac on his desk. Jimmy is also participating in the latest social internet craze  Twitter and just started something; The Bryan Brinkman Experiment. Jimmy, along with tonights guests Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht are asking everyone to follow a random guest of the show. He started with 7 followers is growing huge. Does it matter that I got in early around 1100 followers?

The Bryan Brinkman Experiment