Harry Horstman of Mount Sproatt

When I first read The Mysterious Harry Hortsman I was immediately drawn to this so-called “illusive” character who mined and otherwise occupied the area nearly a hundred years ago.

On a warm sunny October afternoon I set out to summit Sproatt. I took one of the easier bush whacking routes next to Sproatt Creek up around back just in time to snap a couple pics and return for supper. Simply stunning looking back across Whistler valley into Garibaldi Provincial Park.


On the way down I decided to take a straighter shot avoiding some of the larger hazards such as cliffs and avalanche shoots overgrown with near-impassable alder trees. I have hiked every inch of Sproatt in the past 20 years, or so I thought. On cutting across the hill I walked over and barely noticed a site of an old cabin. Reduced to a level dirt floor with an outline of decaying logs, the site had bits of single plate glass and other debris.


After some closer inspection I uncovered an old frying pan that felt a bit spooky considering it’s mention in Harry Hortsman’s story.


This site seems to be a bit lower in elevation than the reported cabin Harry Hortsman had at the 5300 foot level, which I still have yet to find.

Was this another cabin of Harry’s or possibly the residence of another miner or illusive character of years past?


It’s getting dark and colder quickly. My thoughts are of all the mysterious people that have roamed these woods.