25 Things you now know about me.

  1. I take artsy pictures.
  2. Married my wife on a mountain.
  3. I am equally Mac and PC. Once in college I was Linux but it was just one time and I was curious.
  4. Science is my favourite [spelling: see below] subject.
  5. I am Canadian and have lived on either coast. Born on “The Island.”
  6. Pixel pushing National Association of Photoshop Professionals member.
  7. Lego, Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Transformers occupied most of my young life.
  8. Cut a record in 84. My grade 4 class backed me up.
  9. PBS is made possible by people like me.
  10. I paint. Now and then.
  11. I’ve been a paper boy, warehouse worker, ski resort ticket checker, BSA, Business Analyst, and Web designer.
  12. I love gaming. Since Atari 2600 and Commodore 64. Now xbox360 and I’m addicted to achievements.
  13. Accidentally sliced my hand open in grade 5 on Mother’s day and felt really bad.
  14. Accidentally sliced my hand later in life opening my own cast and felt really bad.
  15. Learning is a passion.
  16. Norm Abram of The New Yankee Workshop is my hero.
  17. Early mornings killed my hockey career. Nordiques Minnesota Dallas Vancouver have crushed my spirit.
  18. Beer.
  19. A New England Patriots fan before Brady and Belichick.
  20. I own a collection of mostly 3D animation and war films.
  21. I ride a motorbike. Snowboard. Hike. Ski. Bike. (Roughly in that order.)
  22. Skate boarding is not a crime.
  23. I’m heavier than I look. Big boned actually. 6’0 240. Seriously.
  24. Currently teaching myself everything I can learn about film, animation and robotics.
  25. Politics and Religion are something we’re just going to have to disagree on then. But that’s ok.